Our Mission

We are a senior referral service that is here to guide families on their journey to find the best fit for their loved one in regards to Assisted Living placement.  The assisted living you choose pays Guiding Hands a referral fee.  It is important to include this because we believe all families should be educated on all levels of the process that they are involved in.  Guiding Hands specializes in memory care and we bring over 35 years of combined experience in the geriatric healthcare arena.  Our experience includes social work, physical therapy, hospice, brain trauma injury, administration of assisted livings, and education on dementia to professionals as well as community members. We know about all the Memory Care Assisted Livings, residential home settings as well as the general assisted livings in the Central Texas area. We can assist you whether your loved one has a dementia diagnosis or not. To learn more about our combined experience please go to our bio page.

Our goal is to guide you through the maze of narrowing down and choosing the “best” fit for your unique situation.  We will gather a great deal of information from you to help narrow your search.  For example: Location, budget, comprehensive assessment of your loved one, and much more.  Once the search is narrowed down Guiding Hands will help you schedule your in person tours and is available to go on your first tour of each community with you if you so choose.  Guiding Hands will help you track all of your tours and gather information about each community that is important to you.  We are a non-biased sounding board to lend a hand or ear to help you talk through the best choice.

We do not stop there.  Once you have decided the best fit for your situation we are available to answer questions during the process of transitioning your loved one to the chosen community.  Families are given so much information during the decision making process that information overload typically occurs.  We understand there may be obstacles to overcome during the transition to a community and we are here to help the obstacles fade away. Guiding Hands understands this and is available via phone or email to assist in making the transition as flawless as possible.  Whether the process takes a day, a week, a month or a year we are here with our hands open to help guide you on your journey.

By guiding, educating and answers questions our overall goal is to give you more time to spend with your loved one and your family instead of spending days trying to figure out where to even start.  Contact Guiding Hands today so you and can attain more peace, knowledge and resources in a lot less time.